An AI-Driven Fortress-building Adventure
A Space Fantasy Management Simulation Game

Design and forge mighty fortresses that stand as testaments to your ingenuity and strategic prowess. Construct intricate layouts, meticulously plan room placements, and fortify defenses to withstand the perils of space. Every wall, corridor, and room, you design.

But a fortress is only as strong as its inhabitants. Manage a diverse and vibrant crew, each with their own skills, personalities, and aspirations. Recruit specialists with unique talents, assign them to specific tasks, and watch as they bring life to your cosmic stronghold. Nurture their relationships, cater to their needs, and witness the bonds of camaraderie form within the walls of your citadel ship.

You know that one game where you build a fortress full of bearded folks who hate elves? Or the other one that's like that but people go insane when they have to eat without a table? The fortress building and crew management will fall along those lines.

In Stardust Citadel the role of AI is pivotal, shaping the very fabric of the game experience. Powered by advanced AI technology, the game introduces a groundbreaking system that brings the NPCs and the world to life in dynamic and immersive ways.

NPCs in "Stardust Citadel" possess deep and intricate personalities, each with their own goals, desires, and unique stories. Engage in meaningful conversations with them as they react to your choices, remember past interactions, and dynamically adapt their behaviors based on their beliefs, motivations, and the ever-evolving game world.

Negotiate with NPCs using natural language, the same way you'd write to a real person. NPCs can assign unique quests. The AI will weave these elements together into a coherent story.

With the assistance of AI, the game dynamically creates captivating and detailed portraits for the characters you encounter. The AI analyzes various parameters such as race, age, personality traits, and backstory to generate visually distinct and expressive portraits that reflect the individuality of each character. Prepare to be amazed as the AI showcases its creativity, crafting an extensive range of character visuals that immerse you in the diverse tapestry of the game world.

Monsters also have generated portraits, as well as generic sprites for animation.

Your fortress does not sit still. You do not have to split your attention between exploration and base management.

As your fortress ship delves deeper into the cosmos, challenges will arise that test your managerial prowess. Guide your crew through crises, ranging from resource shortages and environmental hazards to alien encounters and cosmic phenomena. Make tough decisions that shape their fate, balancing the needs of your fortresses with the well-being of your crew.

Experience the joys and trials of crew management as each member evolves and grows alongside your fortress. Witness their stories unfold, as they overcome personal struggles, form lasting friendships, or succumb to the temptations of the void. Your decisions will shape their destiny, affecting the overall harmony and efficiency of your fortress.

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